Vazen 40mm T2 1.8x Anamorphic MFT

One of the best lower-budget anamorphics around. Great for dipping your toes in anamorphics, but fully capable to handle a real production.
There's plenty of samples online that you can check out. Optically it's the same lens as the RF mount version – but since it's for MFT cameras, it uses less of the image circle. Unfortunately the mounts are not swappable, otherwise I probably would've done so.

Compatible with the following cameras:
- Z Cam E2 M4
- Z Cam E2 S6 (with MFT mount)
- Panasonic GH5/GH5s/GH6/BGH1

Lens support strongly recommended due to the little MFT mount, I can supply one for free if you don't have any (for 15mm rods).


I'd describe the image as mostly a more modern anamorphic look, but less so than a Sirui for example.
Flare: pronounced, blue with a hint of teal
Barrel distorsion: low
Edge compression: low
Breathing: low/medium
Sharpness: good across the frame, little falloff, very usable at T2 (I think it looks best at T2, if you stop down it gets sharper but too clinical at some point)

the 1.8x squeeze factor means you get the following aspect ratios if you shoot:
- 4:3 --> 2.39:1
- 6:5 --> 2.16:1
- 16:9 --> 3.2:1

Scope of delivery & Conditions

Lens, front and rear caps, foam-padded hard case.

Lens can be picked up 5-10 min away from Zürich HB.
Important: no insurance, no party! ‍♂️


Focal Length: 40mm
Min. Focus: 2.7’ (0.82m)
T-stop range: T/2 – T/16
Front Diameter: 95mm, no filter threads
Weight: 3.97 lbs (1.8kg)
Dimensions: 4.33”x6.89” (110 x 175mm)

Zubehör: Carrying case
Mount Typ: Micro Four Thirds
Objektiv Features:
Servo Zoom
Lichtstark (min. f/2.8)
Cine Objektiv
Objektiv Brennweite (mehrere anwählbar):
Fix: Ultra Weitwinkel (14 – 24mm)
Fix: Weitwinkel (24 – 35mm)
Fix: Normal (50 – 70mm)
Fix: Tele (70 – 200mm)
Variabel: Ultra Weitwinkel (14 – 24mm)
Variabel: Weitwinkel (24 – 35mm)
Variabel: Normal (50 – 70mm)
Variabel: Tele (70 – 200mm)
Variabel: Super Tele (200mm +)
Fisheye (bis 14mm)
Nativer Bildkreis: Andere
Neupreis (ungefähr): 3600
Eintrag erfolgreich erstellt 2 Sep 2022