"Vintage-Set" Cine-Mod Nikkor EF-Mount (8 Lenses) - single-coated

- Full frame prime vintage lenses.
- Proper EF-mount. No wobbly adapters.
- De-clicked iris mechanism for smooth operation.
- Follow focus gear with standard 0.8 pitch.
- Standard 80mm O.D. front ring.
- Includes matte box* and hard travel case.

20mm f/3.5
24mm f/2.8
35mm f/2
50mm f/1.4
58mm f/2 Helios 44-2 zebra-edition
85mm f/1.8
105mm f/2.5
135mm f/2.8

Commercial and non-commercial prices differ
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  • The Vintage-Set comprises true vintage single-coated F-type Nippon Kogaku lenses, as well as a rare Helios 44-2 58mm zebra-version to round up the bunch. Year of manufacturing: 1968-1972.

  • The Cine-Set comprises the fastest and most advanced (e.g. “modern”) all-manual DSLR lenses Nikkor made. Year of manufacturing: 1985-2002

Mount Typ: Canon EF
Objektiv Features:
Servo Zoom
Lichtstark (min. f/2.8)
Cine Objektiv
Objektiv Brennweite (mehrere anwählbar):
Fix: Ultra Weitwinkel (14 – 24mm)
Fix: Weitwinkel (24 – 35mm)
Fix: Normal (50 – 70mm)
Fix: Tele (70 – 200mm)
Variabel: Ultra Weitwinkel (14 – 24mm)
Variabel: Weitwinkel (24 – 35mm)
Variabel: Normal (50 – 70mm)
Variabel: Tele (70 – 200mm)
Variabel: Super Tele (200mm +)
Fisheye (bis 14mm)
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