TRANSVIDEO Starlite On-Camera Monitor (5")

Product Highlights
- 5" SDI Monitor
- Waveform / Histogram / Vectorscope
- 1-to-1 Pixel Zoom
- 3G-SDI Input with Reclocked 3G-SDI Out

Transvideo's StarliteHD 5" On-Camera Monitor/Recorder is an all-in-one monitoring and recording solution designed to keep apace of the decreasing size of video cameras. Built into a machined aviation-grade case barely larger than a smartphone and weighing less than half a pound, the StarliteHD is easy to transport and easy to use. It features an OLED touch panel screen that displays the image and allows you to interact with the monitor. Built into the monitor are display tools such as Waveform, Histogram, Vectorscope, and 1-to-1 pixel.

Monitor Features:
On Camera
On Set (Produktion)
Eingebauter Recorder
Loop-Through HDMI
Loop-Through SDI
Audio Eingang
Eingebaute Lautsprecher
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